I have been developing video games and video game concepts for over five years now. And I can say for certainty it has not gone how I had thought it would have.

The inevitable truth is, it’s hard. Creating a game and finishing that game has been the most difficult thing I have ever come across in my short 33 years of life, short of my father passing away. Here’s how this all usually works for me.

I start out with a really cool game concept in my head. An idea that I don’t think anyone has ever thought of before. I either write it down or jump right into creating it in Unity. This leads to a few scenarios in the long run.

  1. I start to create the game and things go great until I hit a roadblock. This hurdle that I run into is usually a mental hurdle. Either a feature is too hard for me to implement, or I struggle to create something for too long, and things just halt. This is what I call the “Drop Dead” result. Dropping dead sucks because the awesome concept, just stops moving forward.
  2. Sometimes it goes a different route, where I start working on a project that I think is unique and fun. And then, come to realize, it’s not unique. Or it’s just not fun. I call this the “Booooring” result. When this happens, once again the game concept stops moving forward.
  3. Only once in a while a game comes to fruition. I work on it for hours on end, adding features and ideas, and never run into a real hurdle that stops me. And this game becomes, would you know it, a “Released” game. This is the best result of course. I have a few of these. But nothing to brag about. These games are conceptually weak so far and lack innovation. They are fun to play, but they are just not unique in any way. The following games fall into this category. You can check them out if you like.
  4. Lastly are games that I like to call “OH MY GOD I AM SO DAMN TIRED” games. That is the amazing games that come from Game Jams. I have only participated in one of these Jams so far! It led to the worst sleep I’ve ever had in my life, and the highest stress level I’ve ever felt. But the end result, in my opinion, was the best game I’ve been a part of. That game was part of Ludum Dare 46 and out of it was born Fill Up Yum Yum’s Tum Tum.  You should really check this one out.  It is not a perfect game but it was fun to create in only 48 hours.

Now, I do have a lot of games/concepts that I am planning on making very soon:

  • The Hallway – A horror game that takes place in an abandoned school after a massacre had occurred years previously.
  • The Walls – An action shooter/survival game where the walls determine your stay for the day. And some days, it won’t be good.
  • Demons Inside – A horror game about your dad passing and leaving you all of his possessions; but are we talking about his belongings?
  • Space Sprinter – A mobile space race game, where you sprint across space collecting coins and avoiding meteoroids while careening to a new planet to deliver your goods.
  • Misguided – A 2D platformer with a Narrator who may be saying some misguided things.

These are a few of the bigger projects I have been developing over the past few years. Of course, each one having it’s random hurdle. But I expect to actually release all of these games. At some point.

With all of that said, my Journey is not over. I still have at least twenty game concepts that I have in my books that I want to continue to work on and develop. And though a lot of my bigger concepts have yet to materialize, they will. I know they will. And just because some of the games I developed are not fun to play or just a remake of another game, only means that I learned from them. I’ll continue to extend the knowledge from these games and we, as Entuvu Interactive, will continue to bring games to everyone out there that hopefully everyone will enjoy.