The last few months here at Entuvu Interactive have been interesting to say the least. I have been full heartedly trying to create something worth releasing to the public. That, sadly, has yet to happen. There just is not enough time.

Time… time is such a cranky and mischievous beast. Between working a full time job, raising three beautiful children, and being an “awesome” husband there just is not much time for my game development hobby.

Oh, and I have other hobbies that I enjoy as well. Photography. 3D Art, web design, computer repair, and watching my favorite YouTuber’s scream at their cameras. Time seems inherently limited.

However, I think it is about time to change this. It is time to push aside bad priorities for better ones.

I need to make a deadline and choose a project to move forth on.

Lately, I have been working on a “The Sims”-esk type of game.  Honestly, I have only started developing a character creation tool. This project is far from being completed.

“The Walls” is my baby. A survival game which was going really well for a while but I ran into integration problems and stalled out. This project is also very far from being completed.  Maybe something simpler would be nice to start.

I have more games that I could work on like “Wall Runner”, “Flushy Turd”, or even “Emprisment.” All of these, so immature in their development. Nevertheless, I’ll have to probably start here, because these games are smaller.

Oh, side note; I know that if you are reading this that you probably have no clue what any of these projects are. I haven’t really spoken about most of them to the public yet. I will. In time.

This website is a project, being developed right now as I write this. At least this project should be completed soon. That’s a plus!

With all that in mind, I have also been making assets that are sold exclusively on the Unity Asset Store. 3D models. Time-consuming work.

Oh and our Minecraft Mod! How could I forget about JCMOD. We have been trying to upgrade it to the latest version of Minecraft. Well, trying is the key word here. Sadly, this project is slowly rotting away on a chopping block.

You may be wondering then what am I doing here writing about all of this and wasting even more time.  Well, this is priority number one. Let the people know what we are working on. Get the word out. Gain some more perspective. Post weekly about updates. Force myself to keep you informed and therefore keeping myself on par. 

Really, making this our main priority makes it where we need to work on something! I won’t have something to share if I remain stale. Nothing to share, means nothing is done, means that I really need to pull my head out of my ass.

Project number 1 complete. Now, what game shall I work on?

Congratulations, if you made it through this rambling, I am sorry. Thanks for reading. I hope that by next week I will have something more for you. Only time will tell.