What’s up EntWorld. Or whatever you guys like to call yourself.

Entevily [Jordan Foley] here, writing to tell you about the updates going on at Entuvu Interactive.

I want to apologize upfront for not keeping my promise to post weekly with updates. Life is full of distractions but I have no excuses. I just suck more than I wanted to!

But here’s the Gig and the general idea of what is going on at this moment in time.

I’m am in the process of moving me and my small crew of developers and artists over to G Suite. Good ol’ google’s office suite for businesses. With that, I am also using gmail for email now which is a huge upgrade to using some GoDaddy email system of garbage. This move has been really simple. And is going well. We are getting used to the new drive structuring and getting working on the projects we want to get out to you as soon as possible.

We sadly spent too much time trying to convert our current games, Flushy Fins and Fling Hoops over to the android 64 bit system. Every attempt at this time has been unsuccessful so we’ve put that on a pause for now. Those games are not our dream games and they are games we are proud of, but are primarily part of our portfolio. Once we get things moving along with this game we may jump back into getting that over to the 64 bit architecture google is requiring.

With that said, we’ve been working on a Windows/MAC OS game that we had intended to launch next month on Steam, but no longer. We are hoping to get this out near the Christmas release schedule. And I know, we are slow. But we are literally two or three people depending on the day creating these games, and we work full time as well. So this is just a side job at this moment in time.

I’ve updated the site as well. I hope you enjoy the new look. Hopefully this will make it more likely for me to actually post weekly updates, etc.

Lastly, we are working closely with another indie game developer in our area called BFG Studios. We were looking at assisting them in creating a great VR game but we are also looking at a role playing game. Once those discussions are finalized we’ll come out and let you all know what we are doing there.