Fling Hoops Has Arrived

Fling hoops is here! I know, we haven’t updated you guys recently with what we have been doing. But, this is what we’ve been working on.

Throw a ball with the power of your index finger and score points as you try to dominate the leaderboards!

Become a Fling Hoops Champion.

We have two great modes that you can play to take on all of your friends. Show them who is boss!

Stock up on coins to unlock awesome in game cosmetics.

Get through all this madness, and play basketball in comfort.

So if you want to check out this great new game download it on the google play store, check it out here:

Fling Hoops
Fling Hoops
Price: Free+
  • Fling Hoops Screenshot
  • Fling Hoops Screenshot

Hope to see you around here again. We still have some exciting news about an upcoming game that we hope will be launching on Steam in the future!

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