I made a promise in my last post that I will provide updates to you, on a weekly basis. Well, the week is near ending. It’s been a busy and long week but here we go.

I’ve finally settled on a project to complete. I virtually wiped all the dust off my projects, organized them in their respective folders, and found an old project I worked on over a year ago. An almost completed project. With time being a limited factor right now, this was very appealing.

Code named Fall Ball but that name may not stick.  The concept of this game is simple.  You have four windows each with asteroids plummeting through them. You are a pilot navigating a spacecraft through this asteroid field, delivering a package from one location to another.

Hit too many asteroids and you die.

Fall Ball

It’s a game of timing and strategy, and in game currency. There is a bit more to this game than I describe here. But some things must be kept a secret.

Gary, our COO, is working on converting our Minecraft mod from Minecraft 1.8 to 1.12. He has been painstakingly dredging his way through the code. He’s made a lot of headway. Most of our blocks and items have been brought over. However, texturing issues have risen since Minecraft always changes their Json structure. I expect him to be have that issue resolved soon, but then he’ll have to move on to recreating our Tile Entities.

Once he is finished, then I’ll hop back into that project and add a few more game mechanics so we can launch our Minecraft mod soon.

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