That’s right!

Flushy Fins officially has a home. A beacon of life. A website!

It’s pretty awesome to get things going one step at a time.

Flushy Fins has been great since it’s launch with around thirty downloads to date. I know, I know. That’s not a lot at all.  But for being out less than a month it isn’t too shabby.  Hopefully now, with Flushy Fins having it’s homepage we can market it a bit more and get it out to everyone’s Android phones!

So if you want to check out the site or download Flushy Fins from the google play store, check it out here:

Or you can go right to the Google Play Store if you prefer and check it out there! We’ve had some good reviews so far.

Flushy Fins
Flushy Fins
Price: Free
  • Flushy Fins Screenshot
  • Flushy Fins Screenshot

Hope to see you around here again. I have some exciting news about an upcoming game that we hope to get Green-lit on Steam in the near future! Let’s hope!

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