It’s a personality trait I think I have. I drive myself crazy.

I do this by over-tasking myself. Overdoing. Not finishing things. Procrastinating!

That’s the key. I’m a procrastinator. And I really am trying not to be. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations but I seem to let them fall to the side so I can watch TV and chill with the kids. Relaxing.

Well, here’s my announcement to the world that I’m done procrastinating. Well, probably not. But I’m saying I am in hopes to continue working forward in making great changes in my life.

So, I and Entuvu Interactive have been working on multiple games of our own.

As well, I’m working with another company making another game. [See, over-tasking.]

Rest assured, I still work full time as well! Yay. Anyways.

Ignoring all the jibba jabba above. Here’s what I’m here to say.

I’m working on a Metroidvania style game with Tumultuous Productions called Yami. It’s release date is set for later this year. More details later.

We are working on three games side by side. One or two that I think I may have talked about before.

We are working on Freeze Mate. This is a side scrolling action shooter where you run around as an Ice cube trying to get back to the Arctic.

Started up another project called Misguided. You play as a man who fell into a hole in the earth and navigate your way through misguided puzzles and narrations to get to the end of the game.

And I was working on a project with BFG Studios, which is a VR Bartender game in the medieval times. Pour some drinks, have some fun, kick people out. And enjoy the spoils to build a better Virtual Tavern.

And this is making me very busy. So. That’s my update to the world today. We are busy working on a lot of things. And we are never going to finish them.

Joking aside. Yami is for sure coming out soon.

Misguided is my own personal baby right now so I expect that to come out soon as well.

The other ones, well, they are on my back burner. But we will pick them back up as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this random ass update. And I’ll catch you next time here @ Entuvu Interactive!