Where Are We Headed

It has honestly been a crazy last few months here at Entuvu Interactive. We haven’t had time to really post on here to keep you all updated in a while so I thought why not! We’ve been working on a few things. Primarily getting thoughts written down, purchasing some software to make our lives easier, […]

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Flushy Fins Has a Home

That’s right! Flushy Fins officially has a home. A beacon of life. A website! It’s pretty awesome to get things going one step at a time. Flushy Fins has been great since it’s launch with around thirty downloads to date. I know, I know. That’s not a lot at all.  But for being out less […]

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A Game About What?

What is this? A small little poo floating through a tunnel of poo obstacles? Yes. It is. We are currently working on and will soon be releasing our first game. It’s not a title that will change the world. But it’s a start. We would love for you guys to take this plunge with us […]

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Kept Promises
Pinky Swear

I made a promise in my last post that I will provide updates to you, on a weekly basis. Well, the week is near ending. It’s been a busy and long week but here we go. I’ve finally settled on a project to complete. I virtually wiped all the dust off my projects, organized them […]

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So Many Small Projects
Busy Busy

The last few months here at Entuvu Interactive have been interesting to say the least. I have been full heartedly trying to create something worth releasing to the public. That, sadly, has yet to happen. There just is not enough time. Time… time is such a cranky and mischievous beast. Between working a full time […]

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